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 · dick cheese bacterial growth under an uncircumsised penis which isn't cleaned regularly, it looks like little pieces of cottage cheese under the foreskin, and it stinks. also known as smegma


 · Surprisingly, the word itself ( smegma, that is, not dick cheese) actually means “soap” in Latin and Ancient Greek, and some (particularly those in the Intactivist movement, such as Intact America) claim that this substance has tremendously beneficial qualities, like an ability to fight infections or guard against STDs.

Noun. dickcheese ( countable and uncountable, plural dickcheeses ) ( slang, vulgar) Penile smegma or accumulated dried-out semen beneath the foreskin . quotations . 2004, John Patrick, Raw Recruits: A Collection Of Stories And Two Erotic Novellas ‎ [1], page 144: ...my tongue erupted with the taste of sweat and stale piss and some stuff I later ...

“Dick cheese” is a vulgar synonym of “smegma”. As long as a person leads a decent hygiene in their private parts, “dick cheese” is usually not an issue. It will usually take a couple days without thorough cleaning for the smegma to accumulate, and it usually as a pungent, sour smell.

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 · There are so many ignorant comments on this question that I feel I should weigh in. Just because a man has a foreskin does not mean that he has dick cheese. Certain respondents have that kind of judgmental tone that suggests they likely wish all men were circumcised. But let's face it, nature gave men foreskins. All male mammals have foreskins.


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 · Smegma is the thick, white, cheesy substance that collects under the foreskin of the penis.It's more common in uncircumcised men who don't clean that area well enough.


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