My Masters story He wrote for Me

"Come here babe." I grab you and push you against the wall. "Where do you think you're going? I waited all day for this. Take off your shirt before I do it my self." You look me in the eyes and see me bite my lip. "Take it off I said". "Yes daddy" and you take it off your shirt and your big perky breast invite my hands. I grab your right breast and tug it and move my grip toward your nipple. I pinch it and twist it. "You're home late. Where have you been. It's 11 pm." You scream in pain and tell me you were at your moms house. I don't believe it. "You're going to be tortured for your disobedience" I pull you by your nipple to the bed room. I push you on the bed and lay you down so your ass is sticking right out at me. "Take off your leggings." You take off your leggings. You're not wearing any panties. " where are your panties?" You tell me you didn't wear any today for me. I squeeze your ass cheeks apart and rub you pussy as you lay with your face against the pillow and ass up in the air. You're starting to get aroused. You're getting a little wet. I let go. I walk over to my nightstand and I pull out the hand cuffs. "you've been bad. You're going to be punished." I hand cuff you to the bed. I take your socks of. And stuff them in your mouth. "No one will here you scream you disobedient bitch." I take of my belt and snap it. It sends a shiver down your spine. You know what Is going to happen. You feel the first crack of my belt against your butt cheek you try to roll over in pain but the handcuffs restraint you. Your ass is red. I grab your nipple again and squeeze it. It turns you on. I return to your back side and spread your legs further. I tell you that if you move it will result in further obedience lessons. I take my belt at hit your clit. You jump in pain. "You bitch you moved. Time to be disciplined." Insert one finger into your pussy to loosen it up a bit. I spread it with two. Slowly I stretch it further and further until I fit my fist in. I torture your tight wet vagina. You try to scream do I grab you by the neck and choke you. You've been an ungrateful bitch and will be punished. I pull out and let go of your neck. "Let's try this again." I spread your legs wide. I tell you to hold tight. "If you move you will be punished." You feel the crack of the belt again. This time you stay fairly still. "Good girl, you will be rewarded" I take the socks out of your mouth. I get on my knees in between the head board and your face with your arms still tied up. "Open wide" I shove my big cock into your mouth. Your lips are so tight around it. I go deep on the first contact. You can feel me in your throat. I slap you and make you look me in the eyes with my cock in your mouth. "Look me in the eyes while I fuck your mouth" your innocent eyes join mine as I slowly pull back. I grab your chin and your hair and being to slowly fuck your mouth. The strokes get faster and deeper with every stroke. I put both hands around the back of your head and use it to fuck your mouth. "Keep it up and you will be rewarded" I pull out and cum all over your face. I stand up and take off the hand cuffs. "Lay on your back. I want your feet in the floor, back on the bed and legs as spread out as possible". You follow the instructions. I stand across your legs with my clock hanging out and my belt in my hand. "I want you to call me daddy. Do you understand"
"Yes" I whip you with the belt.
"What did you say?"
"Yes daddy"
"good girl."
I take your legs and put them on my shoulder. I grab your ass firmly and drag you closer to my cock.
I spit on your pussy. The cold wet spot feels good on the areas affected by my belt. I rub the tip of my cock and graze your vaginal opening.
"Are you going to scream"
"Yes daddy"
I slowly inch my way deep into your pussy you clench the sheets. You're screaming in pain. I go deeper and deeper. Your tight wet pussy is having trouble adapting. I go deep and pull out. I lean forward and kiss your breasts and neck. I go in again I begin to thrust. You're so horny and so wet. You moan. You're louder with every thrust "yes daddy"
"Yes Daddy"
You cum.
I pull out and walk to ward your face. After a few jerks I cum in your face.

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