My First

My first
Drifting in and out of some seamless euphoria, i stop and think. to ponder on my thoughts. something i haven't done in a very long time. I've done things every normal person has done, but no one wants to hear about that. you want the dirty stuff, the stuff that makes me sick even mentioning it, yet i thought it up in my own dirty mind. to better understand my actions later on in the story, why don't we start at the end of the beginning.

i was younger, i was incredibly sexually frustrated, I had a girlfriend who was a complete bitch, and i hated her fucking guts. every second word out of her mouth was either a rude comment about someone, or gossip about someone else.She was blond, she never put out. I was a heavy smoker, but i didn't let my family catch on, i kept it a secret and later quit(without anyone the wiser). i smoked dope while not at work, on my couch, murdering people in video games, or masturbating furiously to some pornography( From Holland With Love) . I also read comic books or novels, anything that caught my attention, i watched A LOT of movies. and most importantly, i'd never had sex before, it was something i had seen in so many movies and read about in all the magazines. i was at the brink, i had to feel the inside of a woman. enough about me though, how about the story, huh?

i was over at my girlfriends, i'd rather not say her name. she was watching TV while i smoked a joint out on the balcony. i take a long drag, wondering why i stay by this bitch, even though just by being with her lowers me. she was dumb, ignorant, and not that pretty, and she was a huge bitch, plastic! i roached the joint and went inside. she was now watching the end of the original "Poseidon's Adventure", with the priest who dies at the end. i sat down on the futon and ripped open my roach, picking apart the brown weed from the paper. i stuff the weed in my pipe and i get back up to go for the balcony. the roach weed sets my lungs on fire, using a pipe only makes it worse, i slip my pipe into my pocket. i turn around and step through the door and sit next to her, kissing her on the cheek lightly then moving slowly to her mouth.i slide my fingers underneath her panties and start rubbing her pussy slowly, kissing and rubbing i use my other hand to rub underneath her breast.she stops me there. she tells me shes not ready to go that far yet. "Poseidon's Adventure" ends. i leave early. it was a dark night, i was walking home in my usual army jacket and jeans, headphones blaring the same noise, alone. My place wasn't too far, i took a right leaving her place and walked down to the 7-11. i look over the magazines then head to the back, towards the drinks. A hot blond was opening one of the fridges and bending over, reaching for who gives a fuck. her panties were riding up her ass and i was ready to bend her over the fridge and fuck her. but i refrain, taking a step back, i turn around and walk out. Walking down the alley to get home faster and to avoid people, i come across another gorgeous beauty. i took in her body, her figure, i watched her move, swaying her hips back and forth. my mind was screaming, and i already had a major hard-on! My thoughts racing in my head, so many thoughts, i wanted to have her right there every which way whether she liked it or not. i grab her by the waist and pull her close to me, lifting up her bangs to see her face. she's beautiful,like an angel, she screams, and i get angry… I hit her, hard, smack her around a bit, she isn't moving, shes crying. i undo my belt telling her i would treat her gently, i ripped off her clothes, all of them. i shoved my fingers in her pussy, rubbing her clit, and then i slowly began to fuck her violently in the ass, pounding for what seemed like an eternity in a filthy alley. getting faster, going deeper, slapping her bare ass. shes screams a lot, so i fishhook her with my right arm and continue. her tears streaming across my fingers, wiping away the filth, and the dirt. i switch holes, and fuck her pussy. her cries slowly turn into mixed moans of pleasure and pain. her ass red, i finish inside her pussy, my cum oozing onto my cock she bites my finger and screams. i pull out and turn her around, i punched her in the face several times, i don't remember how many, no more than 5. my cock was drenched in cum, so i cleaned it, wiping my cum off in her mouth…
the blood and cum felt so good as i fucked her mouth, that i came again, choking her. she swallows alot and the rest oozes out and around her mouth. she spits a mixture of cum, saliva, and blood at my leg, driving me to kick her in the side of the head. she falls to the ground and goes limp, crying and bleeding.
i clean the blood off my cock, and do up my belt . i told her i had a good time, then i left, finally satisfied. if only for a little while…

depending on the feedback i receive from this particular story, i will decide whether or not to publish my next story.My second story will be done soon, it will take place several months after this incident, and will be a full length story(this being a short story).
I'm also considering drawing some still sketches of scenes, to make the story visually stimulating as well. Any feedback is appreciated.