Lust at a photoshoot.

Alyssa was overjoyed she had finally convinced her favorite photographer to do a photoshoot with her. It was happening this weekend she would arrive at the private island Friday night and fly home Sunday night. She arrived at the cabin Friday night and met the photographer and his crew that turned out to be a mix of young men and women between the ages of thirteen and sixteen. Alyssa greeted them , ate dinner and turned in early getting plenty of sleep. The next morning she woke up and found breakfast waiting for her. As she ate she asked Foster the photographer where everyone was and he replied that they were setting up the equipment at the chosen site for the photoshoot.

They joined the crew on the beach and Alyssa entered the changing booth they had set up for her and put on the first one piece swimsuit. Foster took photos of her and then she would change into the next swimsuit as each one became skinnier. After six hours she changed into the last suit which was a two piece bikini that barely covered her nipples and the thong didn’t leave anything to the imagination. She posed for the photos and drank a bottle of water and as the shoot went on she started feeling strange , kind of woozy and in a dreamlike state.

Alyssa finally succumbed to the drugs in her water and Foster started the real photoshoot bringing out the video equipment and began shooting a porno with Alyssa as the star. As they went on anything Foster told Alyssa to do she did with enthusiasm. Foster had her naked and being gangbanged by his crew of young men and women. Some of the girls strapped on double ended dildos and Alyssa was constantly fucked in each of her three holes having many orgasms and squirting her juices out in large quantities. Some of the boys and the dildos were very large and they left Alyssa’s anus and vagina gaping.

The crew spent the day ravaging Alyssa's petite body and getting it all recorded and sent to their web site where they charged a one time membership fee of one hundred dollars. foster had put up the web site and at that time had set up a contest that anyone that paid five hundred dollars would have the chance to meet Alyssa , fuck her and have a chance to impregnate her thanks to an experimental drug that neutralized any birth control drugs and made her extremely fertile. The winner was chosen a week earlier and brought to the beach to fuck Alyssa. What Foster did not know was the winner had rigged the contest so he would win. He was an alien that looked like a large dog and had great mental powers.

He and his controlled human passing as his owner were ready when the main photoshoot was done. The injected Alyssa with the impregnation drug and the human told them his dog would be taking his place fucking Alyssa. Alyssa got down on her hands and knees then Beast the dog mounted Alyssa pushing his long large dog penis deep into her pussy easily reaching her womb. Pounding into her with great force he ejaculated many times causing her abdomen to swell as if she were already pregnant. Penis then sprayed out a sealant to keep his sperm in her for twenty four hours.

Then he switched to her anus filling her bowels and again sealing it shut. Thankfully she slept for twenty four hours and when she woke up she didn’t remember anything from the day before her groin and anus was just very sore. Alyssa went on for months until she developed a bulge in her abdomen which she discovered were her two children. Two girl humanoids with some dog like features but could still pass for human as long as no one did a DNA check. Foster made millions off the videos and pictures of Alyssa. The boys and girls on Fosters crew went away with many fond memories of Alyssa and her sexy body. Foster and his crew left Alyssa on the beach naked with her clothes piled next to her.

Alyssa lay there on the beach the drugs still affecting her and in her dreamlike state watched as small twelve inch people came out of the brush and trees bordering the beach.

They surrounded her body and with displays of unnatural strength lifted and moved her body into the water where they unsealed her orifices and began crawling inside of her and using their feet magic altered her body , and her children. They had their fun with her and made her very sexually sensitive gave of pheromones that would attract others to her to have sex with her. Finally they made the impregnation drug effect permanent so she could be impregnated by any being. Laughing they left her on the beach asleep but enjoying orgasm after orgasm.

One of the other changes they made to her was very embarrassing to her they made it so her breasts produced milk even when not pregnant so she had to use a breast pump everyday to keep them from leaking but her milk was delicious and much desired. The one change that was the most embarrassing was the pheromones. She would be followed by many hornet men , women , boys , girls , and animals. She found that using certain perfumes could temporarily override the pheromones and she would lose her entourage.