My First

My first ——————– Drifting in and out of some seamless euphoria, i stop and think. to ponder on my thoughts. something i haven't [...]

Lust at a photoshoot.

Alyssa was overjoyed she had finally convinced her favorite photographer to do a photoshoot with her. It was happening this weekend she would [...]

পাগলা ভাবি (Pagla Vabir Sathe)

আমি চাকরীর খাতিরে নিজ থানার বাইরে থাকি।সিঙ্গেল রুম,আমি একাই থাকি একটা মাত্র খাট।আমি যেখানে থাকি সে বাসার পরিবেশ রাত্রে অত্যন্ত ভয়ংক র,নি্র্জন এলাকা,সামনে [...]

Strip poker, ch 1

Gwen was only 16 and had her first period. Her older sister Sharon was a year older and had smaller breasts. Shawn was [...]