A true student-teacher relationship pt. 1

So today I stayed after school with Mr. Sage because I needed help with my math. My parents said I could stay as long as I needed to because Mr. Sage is a family friend, so he could take me home as late as necessary. I stayed after the bell rang and ran to his room. When I went in, he scrambled to turn off his computer. It was weird, oh well.
During the lesson, I kept thinking how much I liked him, he was always there for me, cheering me up. If only he was younger, he could be my boyfriend. Sometimes I would ask him a question, but he was too distracted, staring off at the computer. Soon he gave me my assignment and sat down at his desk. I heard screams coming from the computer, as Mr. Sage licked his lips. I was gonna turn in my paper when I saw porn on his screen!
He said don’t pay attention. I asked why he was watching, he begged I didn’t tell my parents. Strangely he left the porn on. The lady had huge boobs!! Then I noticed a big bulge in his pants. I reached in his pocket and asked whats this Mr. Sage? He screamed no! But it was too late, he enjoyed it. He begged me to keep going. I was shocked to realize it was his cock! Then I saw the big boob lady suck the guy’s cock. He told me to do the same. He was my friend, so I opened his pants to expose the beauty.
His huge 7 inch cock stared at me while I stared at it. He asked what, you are a 12 year old sixth grader and you’ve never seen a penis this big? I said, I’ve never seen a penis at all. So I decided to suck away. It tasted so sweet! He moaned non stop. I even gagged a little. I didn’t care, he was playing so much with my blonde hair, he felt like the boyfriend I needed. Suddenly my vagina started to tingle, but I didn’t say anything. Then he took off his pants, exposing his hairy balls. They were soft like bunnies, so I wanted to pet them. He said I definitely should. Then he put them in my mouth, I loved the softness of them in my mouth. He said I should take off my pants too, to feel comfortable. I was like sure, but as I took them off, I suddenly remembered I forgot to wear underwear today! I was embarrassed but he said it was ok, as he strangely started pulling on the skin of his dick. Then I heard moaning, but girl moaning, he told me it was from the porn, but I heard it from somewhere else. Then I thought I saw the closet door shake. I ignored it.
Then he turned me around, and started playing with my butt. He caressed my white cheeks. I felt loved again. Suddenly he shoves his finger in my asshole! I scream, but he shushes me, saying its ok. Next he covers his finger with some weird oil. After he put his finger in me again, he told me to lick it. I screamed no. Then he licked it himself, saying the oil cleaned my butthole. He fingered my butt again and asked me to lick it. I agreed and licked his finger, it was surprisingly good, I sucked it all. Afterward he slipped his cock in my ass. I screamed once more. He begged for forgiveness. He said he’ll go slower, he did. As he did that I sat on his lap. Then he hugged me from behind. I was truly falling in love with him, so I told him. He said I love you too, so we kissed passionately. My very first kiss.
After a while my asshole was 2 inches wide! He let me look in the mirror. Suddenly I noticed he had been taking pictures of me the whole time. He said I was beautiful that’s why. I jumped up and kissed him again. Now he was pounding my ass. I was almost crying, but I could tell he liked it, so I let him do whatever he wanted. After much screaming, his white cream gushed into my asshole. It all oozed out. He then licked it all off, I loved that part. It really tickled. Then he turned me around and kissed me again, with all his white stuff in his mouth. I was crying with tears of joy. I asked him, will you be my boyfriend? He said anything for you. After ten minutes of kissing, he told me to swallow the cum, he called it. I did it, I was never so happy. So he drove me home, and kissed me goodnight.

Then I walk inside my house. I go straight to my room. When I sit down on my bed, my sister, Cindy, stares at me. She’s 18, tall about 5 foot 6 inches, blonde, green eyed, and I heard she wears a size DD bra. I only wear an A sadly. She asks how my day went, I wanted to scream out the best fucking day of my life. But I just say, ok. She says that’s good. She sits next to me, and starts sniffing. She asks what’s that smell??? I say oh I don’t know, and cover my mouth. She says that I smell like cum, why the fuck would I smell like cum? I say I don’t know what you are talking about. She slaps me across the face, her huge boobs bounce while she does it, one actually slaps my face too. Then she spits in my face, screaming who’s fucking cock did you suck? I scream back nobody you dumb bitch! She slaps me harder, chocking me, pressing me against her huge soft boobs again. The only way to get her to stop was to bite her nipple really hard. She screams again and says yes!!!! Now she’s playing with my hair just like Mr. Sage did. She said now suck my nipple, just like you sucked Mr. Sage’s huge savory sweet dick. I stop and scream out, how the fuck do you know about me sucking on his dick? She says, well, I was there in the closet, rubbing my sweet pink pussy, I was the noise you heard when you turned around. I now realized she was, and continue to suck on her nipples, except now, she takes off her shirt and bra, and my pussy began to tingle again. I licked her soft nipples again. When I hear the door open. It was Mr. Sage!

He says, hey your parents left out of town for the night and left me in charge. Now both of you, strip naked and prepare to get fucked. My sister without thinking twice bursts out of her clothes, I struggle to get out of mine. She shoves his now swollen cock up her vagina. He screams ride me like a motherfucking horse!!! She tells him fuck you, you motherfucking son of a bitch child molester! Then slaps him. He enjoyed it very much, and slaps her back. Eventually there was more slapping then there was sex. Once again my pussy felt strange, but I didn’t know what to do. So for about three hours they just fuck all over the house, in the kitchen, living room, even on the roof! The neighbor saw, and screamed good job! Him and his wife began to video tape, while she rubbed her pussy. My teacher finally came all over her sweaty face. They yelled, Alice, where the fuck are you!! Get your skinny delicious ass up here!!! I was a bit skeptical about being naked in public, but I thought oh well what’s the worse that could happen???? I climb the ladder as the chilling wind blows against my exposed soft nipples and frustrated pussy. They both made me lap up all the cum from her face. They suddenly pull out some glass, I spit all the cum in there, filling about 12 ounces. Next they both pin me down to the roof, as Mr. Sage licked my nipples she force fed me the semen. I gotta admit, it tasted delicious.